Friday, December 31, 2010

nice little things

nice little things
nice little things by kelseylouisesykes featuring bandeau dresses

sweet cozy modern and old

Thursday, December 23, 2010


my dear, wonderful cousin Maranda is always helping me out. i'm really a bit restless at the store, getting ready to bring in a big collection of new items for 2011 and wanting to rearrange. i was so scattered and flustered  yesterday morning and Maranda came over, made me coffee and my favorite, pancakes with goat cheese and blackberries, and then spent the rest of the day baking delicious smelling things in my kitchen, like truffles and pie. jeez. thanks, m.

Friday, November 19, 2010

stamp of approval

trying to order a stamp for the store. there are so many options, as well as unlimited possibilities for graphics and font. i think these simple ones, from the etsy shop Primele, are pretty swell. what do you think?

Friday, October 29, 2010

lusting to wander

I'm just sitting here at my little shop and started thinking about some things that happened this past summer, whilst traveling. I remember having a conversation with one of the people that we couch surfed with in Vienna, about the word wander. He said that he wasn't sure if we used it in English or not, he had heard of the word, and read about it, but never actually heard it used. He was glad to hear, and I was happy he asked, that wander is most definitely a crucial and fabulous part of the English users vocabulary. I figured while i'm daydreaming about things I might as well give you the link to the travelblog my boyfriend kept while we were away. The name is so long I can't even spell it, a nice, over complicated German jumble of words, so i'll just say click here.

The blog was never completed: our last visit, and probably my favorite, Copenhagen, Denmark, never made it to blogland. The city is most certainly one of the, if not the absolute most stylish city in the whole world. Everyone looks good, e v e r y o n e. It's crazy.

Here are just a few pictures from a wonderful little cafe we visited there, some of the amazing danish friends we had the lucky pleasure of keeping company with. I will eventually upload them to flickr in their entirety, my whole european romp. ahhhh, sigghhh.....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Indian Summer Lookbook

I don't know about the rest of the country, but Kentucky has been experiencing the longest summer of all time. I'm not complaining, but 90 degrees in October is pretty peculiar. To pay tribute to this warm fall, or indian summer, as the old timers call it, we did a photo shoot mixing up fun vintage sweaters and blouses with cute mini skirts and pleated trousers. We've also mixed in some unisex button ups and sweater vests. Great for the boys but just as cute (maybe even cuter) on the girls. Hope you enjoy. And a big thanks to our models Audrey, Hayden, and Jonah.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a real big thanks to...

Miss Sarah Landolt, of the lovely blog passport smiles, as well as the super cool online vintage shop of the same name on Etsy. She has been a huge help and inspiration, and we've had a hell of a week of fun, cooking(well, mostly eating), backyard fires, friends, photos, and a lot more. I kidnapped her from nashville last week for one big Murray romp before she heads to France for a while. The passport smiles mastermind is a bit of a jetsetter, so make sure to follow her blog for all her latest travels and times abroad. She is the brains behind all of the designs on my blogs and my etsy banner. xoxo to sarah.

hi, yall!

Welcome to the early days of this experiment, Revival Boutique, a small shop i have started up on Main St. in Murray, KY. This will be the official store blog, but feel free to check out my personal one, full of random thoughts, photos, and some details about the process leading up to the opening of the store.

More info, photos, links, inspiration, and friends coming soon!



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