Thursday, January 20, 2011

daily reads: forestbound and herriot grace

 i've been following forestbound's alice saunders since last summer. 
i believe this is where i first met (is that weird?) was introduced to alice, in an interview with designsponge.

she was a constant go to when trying to satisfy my hearty americana fix as i was traveling around europe. alice has a serious throwback american aesthetic-- think hand carved wooden tools, WWII era fabrics and leathers, and sailor ink (she is always experimenting with this, giving herself and siblings tattoos!).  


just some sibling love over the holidays...

i became obsessed with her sustainable lifestyle. if i remember correctly, she was working on an organic farm, and her side job? refashioning her antique american fabrics into totes, wallets, and other goods. her etsy sight sells out in minutes, and this fall she did a special line for the ridiculously successful Anthropolgie.  
forestbound for anthropologie

it never fails to surprise me how small the blog world is. it seems all of my favorite bloggers are always linking up with each other. literally. today alice had a link to long time favorite nicole herriot of the beautiful father/daughter wood crafting project herriot grace and the always beautiful blog, fourtysixthatgrace. i think it's encouraging that all of these people are inspired by one another. it makes you realize that our ideas aren't always as internal as we may like to think. whatever the case, i'm glad these ladies inspire one another, because they both certainly do it for me.

handcrafted cutting boards by herriot grace.

the lovely and adorable nicole herriot.

their handcrafted goods cost quite a bit, but i believe they are absolutely worth it. and, um, look at that cheese!

in toronto, canada, where miss herriot works and lives.


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