Thursday, February 17, 2011


i am constantly and endlessly saving photos that i find online to my computer. i have special folders that say 


and they are full of photos that i never, ever get tired of looking at. i thought i would share some of my favorites from the HOME category today.

how cute is this!?

absolute kitchen perfection

i don't even know what to say...

open shelves, natural wood counters, beakers!

nicole herriot's bedroom.

because everyone...needs a library?

dish heaven

french perfection

the perfect front porch

simple details (and my favorite door knobs, is that weird to have favorite door knobs?)

my kitchen floor is actually painted this color

the walls, the details, the efficiency!

i apologize for not having the photo or website credit. i've been saving them for so long and never think to attribute them. if you know who they belong to please let me know!

hope yall enjoyed. happy thursday. the weekend is so close i can taste it. tastes yum.


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