Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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Cameron is a metalsmith and mixed media artist whose fine sense of craft and the visual keep her home and wardrobe as finely curated as any museum. And not the stuffy, you must whisper kind of museum.

Q: Did growing up in Alaska impact your style? It seems like you're less likely to go to a mall and follow trends in a place like that, but that may not be the case at all.

A:Yes, good question Kelsey. Growing up in Alaska, rural Alaska at that, definetly had an impact on my "sense of style" as a young woman. The closest thing to a mall in McGrath was two general stores, and those were hard pressed at that. Most of my shopping took place through a catalogue, on a sunday morning...through my mom. That being said, I think i'd be safe to say my fashions were limited. This started our life long obsession with thrift store shopping and finding the "good deals". On the occasion that we flew into Anchorage my mother would take us to all the great thrift stores and let us each pick out five items off the 50 cent racks. This gave my sisters and me our first taste of style and trends and the opportunity to finally express ourselves. It was HEAVEN. I still shop like this.

Q: Are there any go-to places you shop around here? Or online?

A: Here: yardsales and Peddlers. Online: Anthropologie.

Q: How has your style evolved over the years? Do you find yourself wearing a uniform of sorts? Like putting things together in a certain way?

A: I have one comment: Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your wardrobe? Any magazines/blogs/designers you enjoy?

A: I think most of my inspiration comes from time spent in my studio. I think, or I hope my work comes out in my wardrobe. As far as magazines go, I buy them for the ads. I love the BVLGARI adds running right now. Look them up! Your blog.

Q: A fashion philosophy or practical advice you can share?

A:  If you have the right accessories, you never have to have new clothes. I say this alot, but it may have to do with my major of choice.


Q: Any great make up or hair products you've found?

A: My eyelashes swear by LOREAL PARIS Voluminous waterproof mascara. Till death do us part!

Q: Desert island scenario. The five things you'd want to have are...
A: 1. Tresemme- Tres Two/extra hold...it's an Island. 2. my mascara. 3. my gold leopard fashion earrings. 4. my Boutique 9 grey leather boots. 5. Since this is a desert island scenario and I just watched 127 Hours- my mother's vintage girl scout pocket knife still on it's original string. An accessory and a necessity!
           Mini (Minioko), Cameron's cat, declined to give any comments during this interview.

Thanks so much to Cameron for inviting us into her home and closet and for being our first personal style profile gal!


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