Monday, April 25, 2011


So, my lovely intern Melissa and I made some really funny "how to" videos on Saturday, which actually turned out pretty good and would have been great to share, however, I, unthinkingly, had the camera turned vertically the entire time. For the life of me can't figure out how to flip the footage. Bummer. Next time I will know. But for now, I will just share the stills put together from the day.

I chose to do a sort of spring/summer blazer look for many reasons. One, because it's an effortless staple that every girl should own. And two, because I happened to have several cute ones still for sale at the shop. :)
It's really as simple as this. Start with a basic pallet-- vintage blouse+cutoffs.
red blouse($5)+high waist Levi cutoffs($15)
vintage floral blazer w/bow ($18)

The first two outfits are variations of a funky floral vintage look.
vintage summer blazer w/lace collar ($12)
Add some details, like woven leather flats($10) and feather earrings($5).

here are three styles that all achieve a different look but are equally classic and simple to wear.
first, a tailored spring print($10); second, a Chanel inspired material and cut($10); and third, a silky oversize stripe($11).

Some street style looks for spring/summer blazers

Some looks out right now. 

And some celebs rockin the blazer

Emma Watson in a Chanel Blazer ($7,200)
Katy Perry in Topshop Floral Blazer ($145)

Lauren Conrad in a Francessca oversize silk blazer ($98)

Happy "how to" Monday. I promise videos soon!


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