Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogger Love

This really neat little tumblr and .com in the UK named The Button Owl shared some lovely pictures, like she always does, and was apologizing about being absent from her blog and online shop. Claimed she was stressed! Boy, do me and some of my pals know about stress--as do we all. My decision on whether or not to close the shop has been driving me crazy for months, but, I am extremely excited about the possible move, and getting pumped about our visit to Richmond this Thursday. I know that making a change is hard: I love my boyfriend and our life and can't wait to see what this new life together(with moondog, our pup) will be like. I, also, love my hometown and my family and friends, and this little shop of mine that are all here, at home, in Murray--where it basically feels like moving is relative to losing a leg. So, while this decision is hard and stress is imminent, I know taking it one day at a time is the only thing I can do, and enjoying the now and the anticipated future and trusting that whatever decision I make and whatever happens, things will work out. Things will just, be. And, I think, they just probably might, be good.

Anyhow, the photos.

all images via Fieldguided and It-girl-rag-doll


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